Mar 16 2020

The Effects of Food Contamination from Lift Truck Lubricant Exposure

Make safety a priority
Product contamination from lift truck lubricant exposure must be avoided. Substantially decrease your chances with food-grade lubricants – formulated
specifically for the safe use around food and beverage products.

Why food-grade lubricants?

Prevent, protect, prolong

• Non-toxic, colorless and tasteless; decomposes into carbon dioxide and water
• Hinders bacteria growth that may occur from incidental contact
• Eliminates residue buildup, resulting in less lubricant and filter changes and potential spills
• Additives protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, extending equipment life
• Can withstand low temperatures of freezers and high temperatures of ovens

Approved and inspection-ready
• NSF Class H1 registered based on FDA pre-approved ingredients under 21 CFR Section 178.357
• FDA allows incidental contact to food-grade lubricants up to 10 parts per million; zero tolerance with non-grade food lubricants
• USDA inspection ready when following usage guidelines
• Fire-resistant lubrication options available to meet FM Global Standard

Frequent applications

Food processing
Health & pharma

Don’t chance contamination.

Make the switch to food-grade lubricants today.
For more information or to order food-grade lubricants, contact us at

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